Monday, 9 September 2013

Bingo for real money, Slot fest, coverall jackpot, guaranteed specials introduced

Can you have the thrill of the spin a slot machine gives, flaunt your social life and win real money in bingo games without travelling anywhere? Yes you can! Popular online casino site 123bingo has launched a series of super exciting casino games for their bingo fans starting this May. In a bid to be more social, the site will celebrate the Mother’s day, love a tree day and also host a month long bingo marathon (the $5,000 prize contest starts from May-6 to May-30) besides a $75,000 slot festival.

Players can win real cash, real prizes (shipped) and participate in the BEST MOM of the world contest and win FREE one hundred BB’s (bingo bucks) and a chance to be popular among fellow bingo players from all over the world. 123bingo has launched an ambitious preloaded casino card-(players reward card) where players can try casino games from over 20 reputed online casinos. New players will receive free cash and they can participate at the $60,000 Coverall Madness and weekly Surprise $250 guaranteed games.

With so much to offer at 123bingo, players can participate in online raffle, jackpots at really low prices (25c) and the results are quicker than the brick and mortar bingo halls. 123bingo welcomes players from US and UK and accepts all kinds of currency. These are easy bingo (75-ball and 90-ball) games and players can try the chat games to win surprise gifts. The deposit and withdrawal criterion is fair and open. Online transactions can be conducted safely without any hitch because the site uses a near-universal P-128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. This kind of transaction systems ensures that every player has the cover of the advanced online security.

Enjoy the latest no deposit bonus specials at this hassle free no download bingo site and enjoy friendship cordiality right from your residence.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Six Useful Tips to Win Free Money with Online Games

The way internet has changed our lives and continues to chance is phenomenal. Online games happen to be one of the hottest and the most searched pieces of content on web by millions of users. How many people you know play online games ‘only for money’? A handful of them or non? According to a study published recently a large part of players play online games (casino) not just for money. They specifically look at fun quotient associated with such games.

The best (Six) tips to win free money

According to a study conducted by cyber atlas, 48% of an American’s time on internet is spent on playing online games per week. How do you think the time can be used for the best possible purposes in the shortest time available possible?
1) Sign up- Find out the best possible casino site that offers free money on registration. Some sites offer upto $25 to first time users. Players can use the free money to play over 50 FREE to play games on their computer. You can become a member of a casino site without actually paying anything.
2) Play for fun – Try out all the free games at your convenience and master the games by understanding the rules, terms and conditions first. Once you are comfortable, you can then plunge into the world of online games and win money/prizes both.
3) No deposit bonus- There is strings of no deposit bonus deals which can be used once you become a member of the site.
4) Funny and simple chat games- There are over 50 very simple chat games being held at chat rooms every day. Answer simple questions and you could win some free cash to play games.
5) Referral a friend- You can also refer your friends to a play online games at a particular site and earn money every time they (friends and family) play.
6) Play more of it- Try more and more games and once you have decided to deposit, risk with small money and see what the outcome is. Play with more money once you are confident enough.
Figures on online gamers- ½ a Billion people and over 183 million Americans play – 30 minutes of computer based games, every day. A shocker, over 5 million online gamers in the U.S. alone have been spending over 40 hours per week just playing games, it’s more than a full time job it seems. The chance to win real money is a bonus and an opportunity to win branded prizes from home is a perfect cherry on the top as far as the objective/s to play online games is concerned. Try 123bingoonline today and check your luck today.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

How to login access your 123bingoonline lobby account safely

SITUATION ONE- Mrs X, joins a and enters her details while registering one day. For verification purposes, she had to mention her credit card details. A few days later she discovered that her personal data was compromised.
Better be safe than sorry we guess- in context with how to play online bingo games for money safely. Playing bingo jackpots on web has made many people winners and certainly people do get excited about every win OR a possibility to win during a game. Internet bingo has helped a beautiful game like Bingo to reach people’s homes. As the proportion of virtual entertainment raises its bar with each passing day, players are susceptible to threats posed by spammers and other unscrupulous elements. Initially you should display unprecedented caution while selecting a website so that ultimately your overall online gaming experience is rich and enjoy full. We have assimilated some points to ponder- a kind of check list before you start a game of bingo online.
a) Reputation- Try conducting a small background checks of the sites you wish to play on. Try to hook into genuine and legitimate bingo website. Look at the ‘ABOUT US’ section and read about the management and their policy for players and generic casual entertainment policy/if at all they have.
b)Select High ranked site not POOR- Read up player reviews, experiences on web and see how old the website it. The older a website, usually the better it gets. If you cannot find any review on web, better avoid that site.
c) Unusual User name- You have an option to NOT put your real name, age or Sex. For example Dorothy can use her alias as pinkpanther1 whereas as Michael can tell the world that he is Ironman3. Players can withhold their sexes and age if they want. This type of steps (can) help you avoid unnecessary attention.
d) Secure Site- Like we protect our house with locks and cams, advanced website like 123bingo etc. uses the SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) encryption technology. The SSL technology is directly linked with your mobile phone hence stealing unauthorized data becomes near impossible.
Online thieves can take advantage of their vulnerability because these are the people who are out in the prowl to steal your personal data. It could be an attempt to steal your credit card password or any personal agenda which they may have. Considering this situation as grave, the first step to safe gaming is that you should play only in a legal and genuine bingo site.