Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Benefits and Cons of Playing Bingo Online

Since the invention of Bingo as a national past time of America in in 1929, a lot of development has happened in this sphere from taking an offline game online. As we talk today, bingo games are a rage in Europe and the Americas, especially the online versions. All players should be able to make an informed decision as in which bingo site they should choose for an online weekend bingo galore. Bingo is a game of chance and a typical North American 75-ball bingo game comprise of an online (5X5 card). Players typically to fill the gaps to create a desired pattern. The first person who completes the pattern wins the game.

Advantages of bingo online-

  • Games can be played all throughout the year at any time of time.
  • Spend less money.
  • Play at home.
  • All kind of players can play bingo.
  • Chance to socialize make online friends through the bingo chat feature.
  • Odds of winning a game or two higher than land based bingo games.
  • OPTIONAL- You can play without letting your real identity know to the house.
  • No underage gaming - one needs to be above 21 years of age.
  • Play at a clean - smoke and noise free environment.
  • Betting or wagering with real cash is possible at online bingo.
  • Both options of free games and paid tournaments available for newbies and professionals respectively.
  • Online resource and tutorials available for kind of help to players.
  • 24/7 and 365 days of the year customer care, chat hosts (CH's) or chat moderators available.
  • Newcomers receive FREE Bingo chips/cards on registration.
  • Play low, medium and fast bingo, slots games- as per your choice.
  • Risk free bet- Online bingo games are great futuristic entertainment platforms available at relatively low prices, especially for elderly folks.
  • Auto daubing facility available.
  • No download.
  • Weekly/monthly casino jackpots.
  • Personalized/customized bingo accounts.

CONS of bingo online-

1. Possibilities of underage gambling or participation of bingo games especially designed for the adults or the mature mind.
2. These are addictive games and the kick can lure innocent players to play again and again.
3. Risks of over wagering.
4. Fake bingo sites of ill repute can turn an overall gaming experience turn sour, as the sole objective of running such sites is to fool an innocuous player.
5. Your personal information can be misused and chance of identity thefts becomes possible especially at spammy bingo portals or sites of ill repute.
How do you Play Online Bingo
In a crowd of online bingo sites, finding an appropriate bingo website it is a difficult choice to make no doubt. However, read up some stuff on bingo on web (they are freely and abundantly available). Simply Google around bingo and see the results. Once, you have identified the site – go and register at that particular site. Sites like allow instant bingo (you do not have to download any software). Fill up a basic online form which will ask some basic information (to check you are not a spam and a real person) and in a couple of minutes you should be ready to play your favorite game. Playing online bingo is absolutely safe and modern bingo sites have deployed an enhanced SSL security system into their sites. Players are free to enter and exit bingo rooms, anytime they want to and can take multiple cards (up-to 50 cards) and also play more than two different games at the same time. Bingo lovers can also pre-buy tickets and plan their games in advance.

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